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Expert Building and Construction analysis

Pierce Building Services supervisors are well versed in all facets of Domestic and Commercial Construction and PDS interpretation.

When further anecdotal investigations are required we will obtain and review Specialist Reports for Engineering, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Flooring, Swimming Pools and more.

We Work closely with a myriad of Field Experts and specialists that are able to independently assess and report on the causation, the resultant damage and provide an insight into the best method of repair or replacement if that is required.

Our Supervisors will gather the required information, review expert reports and provide a conclusion based on fact and evidence.

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Escape of Liquids

Escape of liquid claims are known for causing long-term and devastating damage to properties.

Our supervisors are trained to handle escape of liquids events with a process to rule out all possible contributing factors whilst immediately beginning the process of Extraction, structural drying and mould remediation to mitigate against further loss.

We work collaboratively with our Flood-restoration experts and understand an Escape of Liquid event can occur at any time and that a fast response often means a reduction to Temporary accommodation and Damages sustained.

Our leak detection specialists and building supervisors work together to determine the source of the escape of liquid, assess the fault and secure the leaking item.

Our experienced team will work with a high degree of attention to detail ensuring all properties are restored to their original condition.

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Fire Damage

Fire Damage comes in all shapes and sizes, not only from the direct impact of the flames but also from smoke and water damage.

Our Electrical experts will ensure the appropriate tests are conducted to ensure the condition of the property is left electrically safe.

Our fire-restoration specialists are trained in non invasive techniques and equipped to remove odours and smoke damages caused by open flames.

In addition to the cosmetic damage sustained, fire can undermine the structural integrity of a building. It is therefore critical that in some instances trained professionals inspect damages caused by fire to ensure the property is secure and safe.


Our customer service team are trained to assist customers through this often-traumatic experience with empathy and understanding, whilst handling the intricacies of a fire claim to swiftly process and coordinate repairs.

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Storm Claims

Storms are becoming more frequent and more destructive across Australia of recent years, varying in size and ferocity.


In most instances, storms will also leave those affected by the storm in a state of shock and bewilderment as to how to begin the repair and cleaning up process.

Pierce Building services will ensure your property is made-safe and water tight to prevent further damages to your home.


Our roofing experts will precisely and safely identify the cause of water damages sustained. In-turn a recommendation will be provided to ensure the repairs to your property comply with current regulations.


This ensures the repairs are completed correctly the first and only time.

In the event of a large storm, Pierce Building Services has a myriad of experience and have Management Plans in place to ensure we are ready to respond.

Our team of experts are committed to working together from the inception through to repair completion and beyond.

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Forced Entry & Burglary

Our team of Make-safe experts offer a 24/7 service which ensures you feel a secure as possible after Burglary and the damage caused by theft.

Often after a break in customers are left feeling vulnerable and our supervisors will take the extra time to talk and provide additional help where needed.

The loss of personal items and damage to property can shake anyone’s confidence and as the security of the premises is often compromised, Pierce Building services reacts promptly to ensure the security of the premises and provide reassurance to the insured. This is the number one priority, as the customers security and safety can be very fragile during these claims.


Impact Damages

Pierce Building are well equipped to handle Impact damages of all nature, our experienced team ensure safety is a critical factor in providing a holistic approach to repairing your home.

It is our mission is to repair the customers home back into a pre-loss condition in a timely manner, in some cases the customers will require temporary accommodation which we will monitor and work closely with your insurer to manage.

With impact damages we ensure our Team works collaboratively with all stakeholders to determine the best method of repairs whilst adhering to all relevant Australian Standards.

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High-end Repairs

Pierce Building has a wealth of experienced in the management, design and delivery complex repairs to high end homes throughout Melbourne.


We understand and pride ourselves on our ability to source be-spoke materials and deliver architecturally designed finishes.


In-fact we have completed several projects in architect's private homes, which they praised us on our ability to bring their home back to a pre-loss condition.


Our team has an ongoing passion for Building, Customer service and satisfaction. 

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